V.A. – NSH 100 (Nishi 100)

August 5, 2006

Yes, Nishi has reached its 100th release. To celebrate, we asked some past, present and future artists to submit tracks for a compilation album. The result is almost 3 hours of music spanning dozens of genres, styles and moods (not to mention several continents).Between the sublime washes from Pocka and Ambient Field, the dark glitch-pop of Samarah and John Tennant, and the relentless pounding of Elektro Punc and Sascha Mueller, and everything in between, there really should be something for everyone here.

kd expression – found memories
maina – venecian adsl
jap jap – funeralis maestrus
samarah – human
herotyc – when mars is listening
colophone – it is dense it is it is
john tennant – project of science
phyle – just recharging
rich vom dorf – present 4 a girl
ambient field – une vox crie
bject – come on come on
cagey house – who is the wet street
pocka – sagimusume
strinqulu – sleeping with my cats
yuri lugovskoy – track for nishi
chefkirk – correction fluid
antanas jasenka – eqsq mxsf 8
at on – atom
john kannenberg – private transit
nikita – gobble slot 4 vox
court of hidden faces – depart b
kotra – ledz
yard – veriform liquid
zirkulardynamik – welcome
elektro punc – puncs not dead
kd expression – jaded
ili – chopa
antanas jasenka – 00000db8
modul – photon and 3 heavy bosons
833 45 – pollenswell
fever asym – laptop is touching me
kabana – harvest
mystified – pulses quicken
sascha mueller – the opera


Arrial – For The Love [APL038]

August 5, 2006


01 Tomorrow I Start My Homework
02 I Predict A Quiet (Spanish Dub)
03 Around
04 Scribble
05 Marpaksses
06 Bitch, Where’s The Guns?
07 No Good (Start The Chill)
08 Terminal 4
09 Farewell Again


[rest028] Nico Grubert – Concorde EP

August 5, 2006


Herr Väth, Herr Väth, schnell in den OP!
wir haben akuten Blutverlust beim Konsumenten.
Chefarzt Dr. Grubert hat ihnen allen Trillerpfeiffen ins Herz eingepflanzt,
Leuchtstäbe an die Pupillen getackert,
Staubsaugerschläuche im After befestigt
Unterstützt wird er von seinem Assistenten Dr. Kühn
Diese Säue!

01 Concorde
02 Thriller
03 Dead And Alive
04 Concorde (Nick Zero Remix)

zip mirror



[Zimmer022] Kazooo – Ficken im Wald

August 5, 2006

Zimmer022 cover

“huhuhu. a long hot summer with a long hot EP from kazooo. more techno than ever. fierce guys raping their synths.. and lovely bitches fucking their beats. all in only one package. order now and you´ll get a second download for free. just dial 0190-……”

022.01 – Kazooo – stoopid buttons (06:12)
022.02 – Kazooo – trippy already (06:27)
022.03 – Kazooo – midibrain (06:03)
022.04 – Kazooo – jalapeno (06:03)
022.05 – Kazooo – quasar (06:30)
022.06 – Kazooo – transworld (06:00)


[_rf043] Ronin – The Flight Of Birds

August 5, 2006

_rf043 cover

“Amsterdams Ronin, known from various releases on Djax up and Kazumi, imaginarily joins the kings of the skies on their way. His ‘Flight Of Birds’ is a routemap to Detroit rooted Techno and some of its facets.”

01. zondag
02. this way up
03. ferox
04. all there is
05. umeks friend
06. what we don’t know
07. iona
08. tough one
09. tunnelvision
10. walk this way
11. what’s happening
12. the flight of birds

00. cover artwork


[dpd008] Kellyyss – Master Jobless e.p.

August 5, 2006

Kellyyss is a producer from Naples, Italy,

well know from the ” addicts to works ” thanks

to his releases on night-drive-music.com,

join deeplydeep with this fine deep tech e.p. , with rhytms that will ” shake ”

your ass for hours and bring your mind far away from reality…

Please folks, download and enjoy.

[dpd008] Kellyyss – master jobless

A1) master jobless mp3 256kbs
A2) recover oneself mp3 256kbs

B1) fluid recycling mp3 256kbs
B2) bring me in the deep mp3 256kbs

all release 256kbs mp3

Music writed and arranged by Kellyyss // Naples // Italy

Produced and published by deeplydeep.com

Encoded by djmitch