V.A. – NSH 100 (Nishi 100)

August 5, 2006

Yes, Nishi has reached its 100th release. To celebrate, we asked some past, present and future artists to submit tracks for a compilation album. The result is almost 3 hours of music spanning dozens of genres, styles and moods (not to mention several continents).Between the sublime washes from Pocka and Ambient Field, the dark glitch-pop of Samarah and John Tennant, and the relentless pounding of Elektro Punc and Sascha Mueller, and everything in between, there really should be something for everyone here.

kd expression – found memories
maina – venecian adsl
jap jap – funeralis maestrus
samarah – human
herotyc – when mars is listening
colophone – it is dense it is it is
john tennant – project of science
phyle – just recharging
rich vom dorf – present 4 a girl
ambient field – une vox crie
bject – come on come on
cagey house – who is the wet street
pocka – sagimusume
strinqulu – sleeping with my cats
yuri lugovskoy – track for nishi
chefkirk – correction fluid
antanas jasenka – eqsq mxsf 8
at on – atom
john kannenberg – private transit
nikita – gobble slot 4 vox
court of hidden faces – depart b
kotra – ledz
yard – veriform liquid
zirkulardynamik – welcome
elektro punc – puncs not dead
kd expression – jaded
ili – chopa
antanas jasenka – 00000db8
modul – photon and 3 heavy bosons
833 45 – pollenswell
fever asym – laptop is touching me
kabana – harvest
mystified – pulses quicken
sascha mueller – the opera


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